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ONE Technology Services has over 21 years of combined experience working with top software companies in both the US and Canada. And we have over 11 years of experience in delivering software solutions to our valuable clients using an onshore and offshore model. 

Our Mission

To be a global leader in providing customer-focused innovative technology solutions and services without compromising the quality and standards.

Our Vision

To transform lives through Technology and beyond.

Our Core Values

Our Core values such as innovation, customer focus, collaboration, integrity, continuous improvement, quality, and flexibility can help guide decision-making, shape company culture, and drive business success.

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Why ONE Technology Services

ONE Technology Services is an American software company. We have been working in the software industry for the past two decades in both the USA and Canada. OTS has been successfully practicing our superior software development expertise in Canada and USA. We specialize in software services involving;

Custom Software Development, IT Staff Augmentation, Custom ERP, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, & Talent Acquisition.

ONE Technology Services is also a product-based company. Our ERP-based solution, “De Rouze” is a unique and proprietary means where we can customize the specific needs of your business. And we can apply this extraordinary product for all of our global clients. Having 16+ years of working experience with top US and Canadian clients enables us to know exactly how to solve all of our client’s business challenges.

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We are Uniquely different from others in IT solutions​

Additionally, you will enjoy 24/7 technical support so you don’t have to worry about any time differences. 

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Our Beneficial Strategies​

Our technical services are well molded to ensure they offer only the best solutions for you. Through the technical content that we create, OTS streamlines your marketing strategies, which are beneficial to your business generating a focused target market leading to increased sales.

Our Automated Software

We have a specialized information architect ready to help transform your business into an automated one. Our tools are all upgraded and specific in meeting your company’s specific needs. We want to change the world by transforming it into a digitalized one.

Our Approach

OTS offers full expert services to work on your technical products. We transform your whole system into digital operations by carefully modifying and modeling your business. Our technical services leave your business fully automated.