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Craft a distinct identity that captures your brand

When it comes to building a strong brand identity, our custom logo design is one of the most important elements. We offer a comprehensive approach to digital marketing that combines web development and SEO services to help businesses achieve their online goals at affordable prices.


Exclusive Features.

Our Logo design is a key aspect of branding and marketing for any company or organization. There are several exclusive features that can be incorporated into logo development to make the design more effective and memorable. 

By utilizing our exclusive features, designers can create logos that effectively represent the brand and leave a lasting impression on consumers.

Wordmark Logos

Wordmark logos

These logos use typography to create a unique wordmark that represents the brand. Wordmark logos can be simple or complex, and are often used by companies with short or distinctive names.

Iconic Logos

Iconic logos

These logos use a simple icon or symbol to represent the brand. Iconic logos can be highly stylized and abstract, or more literal and representational.

Mascot logos

These logos use a cartoon or illustrated character to represent the brand. Mascot logos are often used by sports teams or brands targeting younger audiences.

logo design

Lettermark logos

These logos use typography to create a unique symbol that represents the brand using the first letter(s) of the brand name. Lettermark logos are often used by companies with long or difficult-to-spell names.

Abstract Logos

Abstract logos

These logos use abstract shapes and patterns to represent the brand in a unique and creative way. Abstract logos can be highly stylized and artistic, and often require a skilled designer to create.

Emblem logos

These logos combine typography and an emblem or badge to create a unique and classic look. Emblem logos are often used by organizations, institutions, & brands.

Versatile Designs, Affordable Prices


$100 $80
  • Creation of one primary logo design concept.
  • 5 rounds of revisions.
  • Delivery of final design files in a few formats (e.g., PNG, JPG, and vector file formats).


$2000 $1000
  • Complete branding strategy from website elements to all social media hanldes.
  • 10 rounds of revisions.
  • Creation of brand guidelines that outline how the brand should be used across different platforms and mediums.


$500 $200
  • Includes more logo design concepts (e.g: 3-5 initial designs).
  • 8 rounds of revisions.
  • Delivery of final design files in more formats (e.g., PNG, JPG, vector, and source files).
Why Choose Us ?

We are committed to delivering high-quality logo and web design solutions that meet your specific requirements. We use the latest tools and techniques to ensure that our designs are visually appealing, functional, and optimized for online use.


We have a team of professionals with expertise in logo and web design development. We have a strong portfolio with a variety of designs that showcase our skills and creativity.


We have a good reputation in the industry. Check case study, reviews, testimonials, and ask for referrals from previous clients to ensure that the company has a track record of delivering quality work.


We are easy to communicate with, understanding the client's needs and goals, and making suggestions to improve the project. We have good communication skills and is responsive to your requests.

Value for money

Consider the cost of the service and the value it provides. We offers competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of the work.

AI Global Tech

I've worked with several web development vendors but was never satisfied with the result. My interaction with the ONE Technology Services team was professional and stress-free from start to finish. They actively listened to my requirements, share their ideas, and delivered a fully customized solution & creative solution to match my vision.

The IVY School

Earlier, we used Spreadsheets for maintaining our accounts. Now, after implementing OTS Financial product, conservatively speaking, we have achieved 40% operational efficiency and increased our overall improved our productivity by 70%.

Elegant Motors

Before the OTS Workshop product, many of our tasks were done on paper. Now, everything is digital, our processes are streamlined, and data is accessible anytime, anywhere!


We've utilized the OTS's fully skilled development team to work on 3 projects with great success. OTS has certified engineers to execute the development activities and stills to utilize the latest technology and industry best practices. What's unique about them is their positive attitude and adaptability to continuous changes in the project scope. I will definitely recommend this OTS team to other organizations and startups!