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Our team of seasoned developers has extensive experience working with top software companies across the US and Canada. We possess deep expertise in delivering exceptional software solutions. We offer both onshore and offshore development solutions, allowing us to tailor our services to your specific needs and budget. 


Appointment System & Modernized Website for GCSP

GCSP Docs, seeking to improve patient experience and boost operational efficiency, needed a website and appointment system overhaul. The existing system was clunky, outdated, and lacked the sleek functionality patients expect today.

We embarked on a comprehensive website and appointment system redesign, prioritizing user-friendliness, speed, and a modern aesthetic.

Custom E-commerce Platform Development for Giant Flyers

Giant Flyers, a leader in ad magazine distribution and printing, needed a digital engine to empower their business. They sought a custom website that went beyond basic e-commerce, encompassing a custom ad distribution page, printing and design integration, and Multi-layered user experience. 

We partnered with Giant Flyers to craft a bespoke e-commerce platform built on WordPress and WooCommerce, but heavily customized to meet their specific needs.

Caribi's Luxe E-Commerce Website Development, a brand elevating car interiors with exquisite fragrances, needed a digital platform to showcase high-end car perfumes, facilitate seamless shopping, and immerse customers in the power of scent online

We crafted a captivating website for, featuring elegant design, intuitive browsing, and secure WooCommerce integration. The addition of immersive fragrance technology allows customers to virtually experience scents, enhancing the overall online shopping journey.

User-Friendly Website & Online Ordering System for Restaurant

The Laughing Yak, a hidden gem of Nepalese cuisine, needed a website that matched their vibrant flavors. They wanted to reach beyond their cozy walls and offer their delicious momos and curries to the whole town but needed a way to make online ordering simple and enticing.

We dished up a website as satisfying as their food! Stunning photos showcase the culinary adventure, while a user-friendly ordering system lets customers choose their spice level and pick takeaway or delivery in a snap.