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What is the difference between
In house IT vs Outsourced IT?

In-house IT
  • Relies on a limited workforce and skillset to solve critical problems and grow business
  • Just having three internal IT resources can cost up to $232,500. with annual benefits
  • Leaving it up to you to pay for any unexpected hardware repair costs
  • Troubleshooting for low-level end users is too much time taking

Outsourced IT
  • Businesses can create a workforce from a pool of diversified IT talent.
  • Similar resources with the outsourced model can save you 50% cost or more.
  • Businesses can lower their operating cost as dedicated office space, hardware, or license software is not needed.
  • Helpdesk and support service requirement is limited

Hiring In house vs Outsourcing from OTS

According to Glassdoor and other recruiting sites,