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We provide you with highly qualified software contractors through our staff augmentation services who possess the expertise you need to deliver your project on time and within budget. Don’t let a shortage of resources or talent limit your potential – contact us today to learn more about our IT staffing solutions.

Supercharge your team with senior software developers through our staff augmentation services

Staff Augmentation Services We Provide

IT Support Services

IT Support Services

OTS can provide resources to support your IT operations providing functions such as IT help desk, network operations, and security administration. We ensure the stability of your IT infrastructure through regular monitoring and threat detection.

Our staff augmentation services model is best suited for businesses with limited IT staff and would like to partner with a vendor to manage the operations of their IT infrastructure.

Dedicated Project Teams

Dedicated Project Teams

We can augment the expertise of your team by providing dedicated resources to your project. With our dedicated staff augmentation services model, OTS resources are not assigned to other accounts or projects while working on your project, greatly minimizing the risk to your project and timelines.

Nowadays, a rising number of companies hire external teams either to develop the entire project or sublet few tasks. We offer hiring developers according to your budget and project needs.

Recruitment Resources

Recruitment Resources

For reliable collaboration, we provide specialized staff augmentation services along with recruitment services. You can engage a developer with the necessary hard and soft talents. While we handle the rest, you or your project manager can oversee task fulfillment.

We have teams that are prepared to work with a candidate pool of top talent that is available to start the job in a week for any project duration.

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Why staff augmentation services are required by you?

At ONE Technology Services, we understand the unique challenges businesses encounter when it comes to staff augmentation services. Whether it’s a shortage of in-house expertise, budget constraints, time-sensitive projects, or the need for specialized skills, we’ve got the experience to provide tailored solutions to meet your needs. Let us turn your software development challenges into success stories by offering you access to our team of skilled offshore developers.

Take Your Technical Skills To Next Level With Our Staff Augmentation Services

Achieve your business objectives with tailored solutions using modern IT Staff Augmentation.


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Why Choose ONE Technology Services

We provide several benefits to organizations looking to scale up their operations through IT team augmentation. We offer a flexible and cost-effective solution for organizations that need to scale up their workforce quickly and efficiently.

Our Staff Augmentation Process

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The goal of IT staff augmentation is to provide your team with on-demand access to additional talent. This increases the scalability and effectiveness of project development by enabling organizations to quickly discover the ideal candidate for difficult-to-fill or temporary positions.

Many organizations struggle to find the required skills and expertise to meet the business objectives in time, resulting in lackluster performance and lower business growth. Leveraging a staff augmentation technique allows organizations to partner with Onetechnology Services to scale existing resources on demand without having to employ full-time workforce for a short or a long term project requirement.

All firms that require temporary employees to fill openings for temporary roles inside their organization frequently use staff augmentation services. Due to a global shortage of IT skills, custom software development is the most frequently requested activity for augmented teams.

With augmented teams, you may directly manage your team while employing additional IT personnel. As a result, you are not sharing the risks of a potentially unfavorable outcome. A specified outcome is assigned to outsourced developers under the outsourcing model, and the risks are shared with the outsourcing vendor. Additionally, outsourcing has less control over the process.

With full-time employees, you must pay for benefits, wages, infrastructure costs, and more. By using the staff augmentation approach, you can avoid these expenditures.

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