You might have seen AI generated images trending all over social media. Not just celebrities, you can see all the netizens creating their AI generated images using Lensa AI app. People are making their timelines more exciting with these AI portraits. Since we believe the world is about generative AI

Social media users are learning what they may look like if they were a nymph from the forest or a flapper from the 1920s according to the Lensa AI software. The popular photo-editing tool, developed by Prisma AI, has the power to turn selfies into “magic avatars,” feeding our generation’s love of escape and virtual worlds.

In order to create your own AI portrait, lets get a review about Lensa app and learn its unique features. 

Lensa AI: Overview 

With a wide range of features, Lensa is an AI-powered photo-editing programme that enables users to remove objects from photographs, clean up selfies of imperfections, and more. It’s also the widely popular AI app that you’ve probably seen on Twitter and Instagram. Modern technology is available from Lensa AI, which can produce numerous artworks based on the prompts you provide.

The creator of Lensa AI, Prisma Labs, Inc., said in a statement to ABC News that the photographs users upload are used “exclusively for the purpose of generating their very own avatars.” The Lensa app utilizes AI to create selfie photographs of you with just a few clicks, and the results frequently seem extremely impressive.

Privacy Policy 

Of course, no social media fad is without controversy, and the parent firm of the app, Prisma AI, has previously faced criticism for maintaining sensitive user data. The platform’s privacy and ethical standards are called into question because the images uploaded there are utilized to improve the AI functions of the programme. The face data on other portions of the app is automatically removed within 24 hours of being processed by Lensa, and the uploaded images are automatically deleted after the AI avatars are created, in accordance with Lensa’s privacy policy.

According to the Cybersecurity Expert, Andrew Couts, believes that no matter what privacy policies any application assures, they still can not assure 100% of security.  

“Without a thorough assessment of the business’s back-end infrastructure, it’s impossible to know how secure or vulnerable your images may be. The organization does make the claim that face data is “removed” after 24 hours, and they appear to have solid rules for security and privacy practices in place”- Andrew Couts 

Couts noted that since most of us already have our faces on social media, he isn’t overly concerned about the photographs. He stated that the data collecting that might be obtained from consumers’ phones is his biggest worry. He thinks that if he is going to use the application personally, he would restrict the privacy settings as much as he could since most of the photo-editors asks for permit which makes your system prone to unauthorized breaches

The developers of Lensa Prism claims that to make them more understandable to everyone, we have updated our Terms & Conditions. The frequently discussed user authorization for us to train the copy of the model on the 10–20 images each individual user has supplied is referred to as the permission to utilize the content for development and improving Prisma’s work and its products.

Fully GDPR and CCAP compliant, we are. We only keep the information necessary to provide our services. To restate, as soon as the avatars are created, the user’s photos are removed from our systems. The servers are in the United States.

How to Generate AI Selfie? 

How would you use an application until you haven’t downloaded it? Of course, the first step is to download the :Lensa application on your smartphone.  You can participate whether you own a Google Pixel 7 or an iPhone 14 because it is compatible with both Android and iOS. Once you have the software, the real fun can start.

Now let’s get started with creating your AI generate avatar: 

  1. Open the Lensa application. 
  2. You will get a pop-up for “next”. On the pages that follow, tap the Next button to see how the Lensa app functions.
  3. Click ‘get started’ and starts to create your first AI-generated selfie.
  4. On its initial use, you will get a  week-long free-trial for magical avatars. After that, you have to get your hands on to the yearly subscription. This software offers photo editing features that has a $35.99 annual subscription fee.
  5. After completing your free-trial subscription, click onto “create now”. Select to continue.
  6. After reading Lensa’s photo instructions and checking the boxes for the terms of use and privacy policy, hit Select 10–20 photographs.
  7. Find and select 10-20 selfies of yourself. Wait until it imports your selected photos. 
  8. Now its time to select your gender. 
  9. Select the number of AI avatars you wish to buy. Tap the Purchase button at the bottom of the screen once you’ve decided on the number of avatars you want.
  10. Wait until the software is done with uploading. 
  11. The Lensa app needs time to create your AI selfie photographs when you upload your photos. The Lensa app displays the remaining time in the center of the screen. The two options at the bottom, Notify me when it’s finished or Hide this screen, allow you to either leave the app open there or close it.
  12. To save every AI selfie to your phone, tap Save all avatars in the top right corner. Alternatively, to save a single AI selfie, press any image and then the Save to Photos option.

Limitation of Lensa AI

Everything that comes with so much of ease does have some in-build limitations. So is the case with Lensa AI application. 

Lensa’s magic avatars not loading is one of the most frequent issues. You upload your pictures to Lensa, eagerly await the outcome, but nothing happens. There are a few options you might explore in this situation. Ensure you have a strong internet connection, update your Lensa app to the most recent version, and try closing and reopening the app. 

Frequently Asked Question

Is Lensa app free? 

No, it is not, But is does offer a 7-day free trial with unlimited features. The Lensa app can be downloaded for free at first. To create your AI selfies, you will need to pay money, though. Although downloading Lensa is free, purchasing the “Magic Avatars” costs $7.99. After a free trial, users have the option of paying $29.99 year or $7.99 monthly to utilize the app.

Is it safe to use Lensa AI? 

We believe its privacy policy needs further improvements. There are several cases where this application creates sexual images of adults which might effect naïve minds. We caution against using any photographs of children because the function is not intended for use by minors.