Everybody has their own speed in the society we live in, but since the digital world moves at a faster rate than anything else, we must keep up or risk being replaced by “super applications,” which are the latest iteration. With a modular framework that enables quick development and deployment of features and upgrades while providing individualized experiences, superapps provide businesses with a compassable solution.

A superapp is similar to a Swiss army knife in that it has a variety of component tools that the user can use and remove as necessary. Superapps are popular because consumers, particularly the younger generation who were born in the smartphone era, seek mobile-first experiences that are strong and simple to use.

Aren’t convinced yet?  Hold on. In early 2015,  one of the Chinese documentary gained its maximum views from WeChat in just three days, isn’t it amazing? WeChat is basically a superapps which offer features that has not yet been replicated in any other application. It means superapp have some super powers we aren’t aware of now. 

So, without wasting much time let’s get started with this superapp buzz and find out what makes people to get onto them. 

What is Superapp?

A Super App contains a number of other apps inside of it. It is an OS that frees users from the power of programmes. A generation that prioritizes mobile devices serves as its Internet gateway. A super-app is a mobile or web application that can offer a variety of services, such as processing payments and financial transactions, effectively transforming into an all-inclusive, self-contained online platform for commerce and communication that embraces many facets of both personal and professional life.

Super-apps like Grab in Southeast Asia and WeChat from Tencent in China are notable examples. The development of the super-app model by WeChat has prompted businesses like Meta (previously Facebook) to attempt to create comparable applications outside of China. Tata Group has said that it is creating TataNeu, a super app, in India. Major Indian businesses like Paytm, PhonePe, and ITC Maars are also working on apps that could qualify as super-apps.

A “Super App” is a new class of mobile applications that leave you wondering how you ever survived without them, according to Mike Lazaridis, the founder of Blackberry, who attempted to define it in 2010. According to Lazaridis, “many apps” in a closed environment are what consumers would use on a daily basis “because they provide such a seamless, integrated, contextualised, and efficient experience.” As you are aware, Blackberry was unbundled as a result of charging users to utilise a “platform” without also providing services to the platform. The company turned off its customers by creating a walled garden.

What Superapp Offers? 

The superapp is designed as a platform that offers an ecosystem of miniapps that users may select to activate for dependable and customized app experiences. Miniapps do not have their own app store or marketplace. Users of the superapp find them, activate them, and can quickly remove them from the user interface after use.

Superapps operate on a platform that offers a variety of widely used app features, such messaging and payment. Users of Superapps can design customized user experiences (UXs) by choosing and installing specific miniapps (focused on performing a single task). In the future, superapps will develop to accommodate chatbots, IoT technology, and immersive experiences like the metaverse.

 Superapp Platforms 

There are two types of superapp platforms  which includes: 

  • Customer-facing Superapps:  WeChat is one example of customer-facing superapp platform.  Because they can run their operations precisely and increase their profit margins, business owners can provide clients with better services. These platforms merge various business areas into a single app. People were able to access a wide variety of services as a result, eliminating the hassle of logging into various apps for various services. Due to the fact that most consumers use social media programmes practically constantly, businesses are permitted to post information about their deals and discounts there. As a result, it aids in developing a strong online presence among users.
  • Employee-facing Superapps: Enterprises looking to engage their workforce are increasingly using internal-facing superapps. In order to reduce everyday headaches and simplify management, entrepreneurs can control every aspect of their business remotely from any location at any time. The ability to onboard, view their calendar, request time off, access benefits, and more is available to employees. Superapps can deliver personalized experiences for each individual depending on their function and team in bigger distributed teams at companies like Walmart.

Why They Are Called Superapps?




The following reasons give superapp its superpowers:


Superapps are all-in-one applications. For the solution to succeed in the market today, it must be sufficiently accessible to all and provide equal chances and resources without any prejudice. Regardless of their age, gender, level of technical proficiency, or other characteristics, users of all kinds should be able to understand and utilize the platform effectively. Clients with physical or mental limitations should also be able to use the platform, making the company more considerate of its customers.

Truly Convenient 

The convenience that people are constantly seeking is the main factor in these apps’ popularity. Due to the numerous apps they had downloaded, they were having storage problems with their devices. With the help of the super apps, they only need to install one platform on their smartphones in order to use a few taps to access any service.

Data Security 

Criminal users are constantly looking for a platform that offers financial services. It’s because they have access to the private user information that’s stored there. Therefore, you should confirm that a multi-services solution is able to adequately mitigate its numerous vulnerabilities before placing it on the market.
Additionally, superapp utilizes particular technologies, such as fingerprint scanners, face recognition, digital identity affirmation, and many others, to increase security. These techniques can assist improve security and swiftly onboard new users.

Hassle Free Experience 

Similar as before, individuals must download specific platforms in order to access specific services. As a result, people would have to remember many passwords and login to various applications. As a result, they were no longer faced with any difficulties. As a result, the users spread the word about these solutions, and as a result of seeing how many services were supported, numerous companies eventually released their top-tier apps in other nations.

Ultimate Solution for Unbanked People 

Southeast Asia is where these apps were initially introduced. And none of those people there had any bank accounts. Additionally, there were specific areas or retailers that only accepted card payments and online payments. Because users can make payments using various internet channels, super applications are helpful in these circumstances. Approximately 73% of people in Southeast Asia are unbanked, per sources.

Limitations of Superapp

Developing the business ecosystem may prove to be more difficult than using new technology. Since different users prefer to interact with apps in different ways, the design of a superapp and the coherence of the miniapps published to it may have an impact on adoption and retention. It means you need to review your needs and your organizational infrastructure before implementing any superapp. In addition to this, budget might be another hindrance to successive implementation. 

Top Superapps 2022

  • OMNI
  • PhonePe
  • Grab
  • TataNeu
  • Gojek
  • Alipay
  • Rappi
  • Careem
  • Hugo
  • Revolut

These among many other superapps are some of the application which has made enough space to the digital world.

Wrap up

Superapps enable a configurable business ecosystem for organizations and can replace various apps used by customers or employees. By 2027, Gartner projects that more than 50% of the world’s population will be using numerous superapps on a daily basis. Workflow, collaboration, and messaging platforms are just a few examples of enterprise mobile and desktop experiences that will be added to the superapp concept.

As we have already seen with the successful instances of super applications, you must adopt the current trend of launching your endeavor digitally through platforms in order to stay ahead of the competition. In order to satisfy your organization’s needs to beat the competition and establish a solid reputation, we, as a great app development company, offer the best answer.